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About Keir

I spend a lot of time researching and thinking about blockchain, often while walking through the Finnish woods. And then, every now and again, I find myself compelled to write a book about what I've discovered.

The Books

Move Over Brokers Here Comes The Blockchain

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BIBA award winner. An in-depth explanation of blockchain using simple analogies, this book covers everything from the technology that drives blockchain, through to economic, sociological and even philosophical examinations of why blockchain is significant.

Evil Tokenomics

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Ever wondered how crypto-scammers use tokenomics to manipulate us? Read this book, in which a fictional criminal mastermind explains how he fools both the buying public, project founders, and even investors to steal your hard-earned cash using all sorts of psychological and economic tricks.

How To Build A Brand On LinkedIn

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This is a cheap, short, and simple primer to improve your presence on social media, focussing on LinkedIn in particular. The book provides not just hints and tips on the algorithm, but also advice on how to write posts, articles, and record short videos.

The Merchandise

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